The new Annunciation Cathedral construction in San Francisco

Archbishop Demetrios of America signs the steel frame of the new Annunciation Cathedral construction in San Francisco and Fr Kyriacou blessed the new construction. Filmed directed and editing by Kostas Petrakos petrakos

The Rehearsal

Yannis Adoniou, Artistic Director & Choreographer kunst-stoff at KUNST-STOFF.

KUNST-STOFF is the dance/production company Yannis Adoniou founded with Tomi Paasonen in 1998. Both were ballet dancers chosen by Alonzo King to dance in San Francisco for LINES Ballet. And they were both interested in making their own dances. 

San Francisco Coast

I captured the beauty and serenity of the Pacific Coast in this 2 minute clip as well as some special footage of the Golden Gate Bridge. This clip is a true reflection of the San Francisco Bay Area Pacific Coast, its unusual terrain as well as the lifestyle of the people that live in this region.