Jordan B. Wilson

"Jordan B. Wilson plays an entire set of drums with only his feet by way of his pedal board invention called "The Squid."

The Rehearsal

Yannis Adoniou, Artistic Director & Choreographer kunst-stoff at KUNST-STOFF.

KUNST-STOFF is the dance/production company Yannis Adoniou founded with Tomi Paasonen in 1998. Both were ballet dancers chosen by Alonzo King to dance in San Francisco for LINES Ballet. And they were both interested in making their own dances. 

Pulgas Water Temple

Filmed with Canon 60D , ZaZa slider, Voigtlander 20mm f/3.5 SL-II Aspherical.
Edited in Final Cut X, Material Editing with Magic Bullet Looks and Final Cut Pro x Color Corrector.