Sarrtori Fine Apparel for Men (TV Commercial) 

The 13th Annual San Francisco Greek Film Festival (TV Commercial)
The modern greek studies foundation presents the 13th annual san
francisco greek film festival at the delancy street screening room.

Yanni Oracle Arena Oakland,California

Documentary / Performance

Oracle Arena Oakland

ZaZa slider


Filmed with Canon 60D , ZaZa slider, Voigtlander 20mm f/3.5
SL-II Aspherical.

The 11th Annual San Francisco Greek Film Festival

TV / Commercial

The modern greek studies foundation presents the11th annual san
francisco greek film festival at the delancy street screening room.


Event Documentary

The 3 producers of Greek films convey their comments regarding the 11th annual San Francisco Film Festival


TV / Commercial

The 12th Annual San Francisco Greek Film Festival
The modern greek studies foundation presents the12th annual san
francisco greek film festival at the delancy street screening room.

Blessing The New Cathedral


Archbishop Demetrios of America signs the steel frame of the new Annunciation Cathedral construction in San Francisco and Fr Kyriacou blessed the new construction. Filmed directed and editing by Kostas Petrakos

The Rehearsal


Yannis Adoniou, Artistic Director & Choreographer kunst
Filmed by Kostas Petrakos

Fujifilm X10 First Impressions


San Francisco images with the Fuji X10

San Francisco's North Beach


Shot on 5D mark II with Zeiss Planar T* 50mm F/1.4 ZF.2 Lens and Zacuto Z-Finder.

Chris Kasaris film trailer

Documentary / Biography

A Greek Immigrant from central Greece, came to the Bay Area as a young boy with the desire to build something greater for himself. A combination of his passion for life as well as his business acumen and vision allowed him to accomplish what others only hope to.
A Film I produced for Greek
Chris Kasaris film trailer

Dr Nick Arvanitidis

Documentary / Biography

His Eminence Metropolitan Gerasimos

Religious / Speech

John H. Clarke

Documentary / Performance

John H. Clarke - San Francisco



Documentary / Guitar performance

Sequoia High School Graduation 2011


“BACCHAE”(VAKHES) of Euripides

Greek theatre production

It is about the tour of a Greek theatre production with the staging of the classical tragedy “BACCHAE”(VAKHES) of Euripides from the Theatre Scheme of Leonidas Loizides

For the massacre of Distomo. 

Documentary / Singing

Lamentation at Mausoleum of Distomo. 
SINGER FROM DISTOMO GIANNIS SFOUNTOURIS - BOUZANAKOS: Three women with black passed and when you come my children in Distomo. 
The footage, like any other for Distomo and the massacre of its residents on June 10, 1944 filmed in October 2013, in a short trip to Greece, based on an idea, and at the urging of my friend from Distomo journalist Lukas DImakas: To save this authentic voice, singing and suffers he lived! He told me about the Mr Yannis. I filmed both songs - only with a simple point and soot camera on the site of the Mausoleum of Distomo, in background the ossuaries and the names of the People slaughtered by the Nazi German occupation forces and our village itself. The lyrics of the second song by John Sfountouris- Bouzanakos: One singer of folk and popular songs that made his career mainly in the US and bringing in newer generations of immigrant traditions and musical
sounds of our country. Listen and spread them!
I thank Jürgen Rompf for providing an excellent translation.

Vasilios Glimidakis Trailer

Documentary / Biography

A Film I produced for Greek of a Greek Immigrant from the Crete Island of Greece that has become an Icon in San Francisco for promoting the Greek Culture in his business and in the number of people that he helped in starting out their life in the San Francisco Bay Area. His life is one of tremendous success in the presence of huge obstacles that he overcame with his courage and spirit.