Quality is the result of sincere attention to detail and an intention to produce the most superior product. Kostas strives to create a wedding film that is truly excellent.

The pricing reflects this commitment to excellence. I take the time and put great care and attention in defining what our client wants and then skillfully work to create it. As a result, I only accept a limited number of wedding engagements each year. 

The mission of Petrakos Films is to define excellence in wedding movies. This is why I view myself as a boutique wedding film provider.

Kostas Petrakos shoots and edits every wedding movie that he produces. When you hire Kostas you know that you are getting a professional with a special talent and style. 

As a result, there are no surprises on your wedding day that you may have when you work with other film companies. The wedding films that you view during the interview will be of the same quality and style that you will receive.

Services start at $3000

We do not provide a price list, because, we prefer to speak with you.
There are various options available
depending on your needs and your budget.

We offer customized coverage for each and every client. 
No more confusing (and often silly sounding) packages.
Single camera, multiple camera, split days, edited or unedited...sure! Just ask.

Custom Packages Include:

Full Event Two High Definition (6x9) Cameras two cinematographers

Multiple  Wireless Audio Sources

Art Leather Jewel Cases, Custom design DVD labeling

DVD & blu-Ray (HD) Copies

Wedding Highlights Film Trailer

1-2 Hour  Documentary Film

Feature Film